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Internet Access Application Form NTT i-net BB Fiber

Are you sure you want to submit the following?

Please fill up all the sections required (*).


1. Customer Information

A. For existing subscriber only Customer ID (Or Bill Account No.)



First Name of Applicant *


Last Name of Applicant *


NRIC / Employment Pass No *


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)



Mobile / Telephone No *


Please enter reachable number in day time. NTT Singapore may contact to this number for provisioning and confirmation. 

Fax No


Email Address *


NTT Singapore contact to this email address for  provisioning and for sending an electric invoice.

Installation Address *


Postal Code (Singapore) *


2. NTT i-net BB Service Plans

Please select your contract term. *

 12 months
 24 months


Bandwidth Contract Term OTC inclusive of GST MRC inclusive of GST Modem (ONT) Router Inclusive of
200Mbps 12 months $0 $97.99 Free Rental Free Rental Free of charge for Modem (ONT) and Router instsallation on weekdays 10:00am~17:00pm (except Singapore public holiday).
24 months $0 $79.99

3. Fiber Terminal Point *

To connect NTT i-net interne access, Fiber Terminal Point by NetLink Trust (NLT) is required. Please select your premise condition. If your premise does not have Fiber Terminal Point (FTP), NTT Singapore is able to arrange the installation schedule on behalf of customer. FTP installation charge is not included in service charge in section 2 and additional one time charge is required. *

 My premise has Fiber Terminal Point (FTP).
 My premise do not have Fiber Terminal Point (FTP).
 I am not sure about Fiber Terminal Point (FTP)


4. Payment Method *

Payment Method *

 Same as before (GIRO or Credit Card)
 Credit Card


NTT Singapore will contact you for Credit Card/GIRO form. NTT Singapore accept GIRO or Credit Card. If your existing payment method is Cheque / NETS / Cash, please change the method.

5. Others



Terms & Conditions

  1. SUBSCRIPTION. All Customers subscribing to NTT i-net BB Service (the “Service”) must be at least 18 years of age or above. Minors must have parental consent in writing. NTT Singapore (“NTTS”) reserves the right to reject any subscription request. Service is provided solely upon the terms and conditions (“Terms”) herein.
  2. SERVICE COVERAGE. The Service is only available for access at Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network ready (“NGN Ready”) residential properties. Customers shall be responsible for ensuring that Customer’s premises are NGN Ready. NTTS may render assistance upon Customer’s request to verify if Customer’s premise(s) is NGN Ready on a case-by-case basis. Nonetheless, there shall be no refunds of subscriptions paid if Customer premises are not found to be NGN Ready and the relevant cancellation/termination fees set out herein shall apply.
  3. PRICING. Pricing for the Services shall be as set out in BB Internet Access Prices list from time to time as decided by NTTS ( All charges for the Services shall be payable by the Customer either monthly in arrears or on the terms set out in the applicable invoice. NTTS will inform Customer in writing if prices are adjusted. All prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars and inclusive of GST at the prevailing rate unless otherwise stated.
  4. ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Additional charges set out in the Order Form and/or BB Internet Access Prices list may apply if:-
    • Customer premises has fibre coverage but requires separate fibre terminal points to be installed
    • Cancellation or modification of any fibre terminal point appointment
    • Cancellation or modification of Installation Services or Installation address
    • Extra cabling is required at customer premises for any fibre cabling extension (separately quoted)
    • Other listed Miscellaneous fees, one-time charges or requested services (separately quoted)
  5. ORDER FORMS. NTTS may reject and/or delay performance of any order for the Service at any time without further liability (including after confirmation) if the:
    • order is not in the prescribed form;
    • order does not contain all the required information;
    • order for provision of Service is outside the Service Coverage area;
    • order exceeds NTTS’s resource availability; or
    • resources at the Customer premises and any relevant third party (including but not limited to building owners, etc) are not available.
  6. CANCELLATION. If Customer cancels the Service at any time after the submission of the Order Form to NTTS but prior to activation of Service and/or fibre port(s), Customer shall pay to NTTS the applicable Cancellation Charges then set out in the BB Internet Access Prices list.
  7. THIRD PARTY SERVICES. Fiber cabling and installation of fiber terminal point may be provided by third party providers and not NTTS itself. NTTS shall not be responsible for or liable to Customer howsoever arising in respect of any such services or portions of the Service thereof (including without limitation any form of communication, on-site / remote visits or any other services) provided to the Customer by such third parties.
  8. INSTALLATION SERVICES. Scope of any installation services shall be limited to the installation of modem (optical network terminal) and wireless router during business hours only. NTTS may provide equipment as part of Service subscription on a rental basis (“Equipment”) from NTTS to the Customer. Installation date must be set within 14 business days of fiber port activation. Charges for the Service will incur commencing from the 15th business day from fibre port activation unless otherwise agreed by NTTS.
  9. USE OF EQUIPMENT. During the Service term, Customer shall ensure that the Equipment is used in accordance with its accompanying user documentation (if any) and the NTTS’s policies and regulations from time to time in place and notified to the Customer. This includes (i) providing a suitable and safe environment free of any substances or material likely to pose any risk to the Equipment; (ii) not to tamper with the Equipment in any manner; and (iii) permitting NTTS’s personnel reasonable access to Customer premises to install, configure, update, maintain or remove the Equipment. Customer bears the risk of loss or damage (other than ordinary wear and tear) to NTTS for Equipment at Customer’s premises during the Service term and shall be liable to NTTS for the full price of replacing such Equipment in the event of the Customer’s breach of any terms and conditions in relation to their use. NTTS shall not be liable to the Customer for any issues in relation to the Service due to breach of terms in relation to Equipment use.
  10. SERVICE ACTIVATION. In general, the Service will be activated within two (2) weeks from the date on which fibre points have been installed. However, Service activation shall be subject to availability of resources, network requirements, access, cabling requirements; and, the Customer complying with all required laws and regulations, terms of use and policies of NTTS in respect of the use of such service and that the required consents and approvals having been granted by the relevant bodies.
  11. ACCEPTANCE. Customer shall be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the Service if within forty-eight (48) hours after Service activation, Customer does not notify NTTS of any defect in the Service. In the event NTTS is notified of any defect, it will rectify the same as soon as possible depending on resource availability.
  12. USE OF SERVICES. In using the Services, Customers shall be responsible to obtain and maintain, at their own expense, all applicable licenses, approvals and permissions. Customer shall further comply with all applicable laws and regulations, these Terms as well as NTTS’s Acceptable Use Policy from time to time in force at: policy.html
  13. PRIVATE USE. Unless otherwise agreed by NTTS, the Service will be provided at the address assigned at the applicable order form (“Installation Address”) and shall be accessed and used for residential purposes only. Customer shall not resell the Service in any manner howsoever and any use of the Service for commercial or business purpose or any other non-residential use, whether by customers or any other persons other than at the Installation Address is a breach of these Terms, unless otherwise agreed by NTTS. Customers may access the Service using one or more personal computers in a network environment. NTTS will, in its discretion, determine whether any arrangement, configuration or usage of the Service constitutes use within a network environment.
  14. PROVISION OF SERVICES. NTTS’s only obligation to Customer is to exercise the reasonable skill and care of a competent internet access reseller in providing the Services according to these Terms. Services are provided on an “as-is”, “as-available” and best-effort basis and NTTS gives no guarantee on performance at any time. No express or implied warranty regarding network security, encryption, integrity of any data (sent, backed-up, stored or received), access (including improper access) are offered by NTTS and any published speeds are only estimates.
  15. SUSPENSION. NTTS may suspend the use of or access to the Service at any time on the following grounds:
    • NTTS suspects that Customer is intentionally using the Service in contravention of these Terms and/or any applicable law
    • NTTS deems it necessary to suspend the use of or access to the Service to carry out any planned / unplanned maintenance, repair or upgrade any part of the Service, Equipment or facility
    • Customer does or allows anything to be done which in NTTS’s opinion may jeopardize the operation of the Service or network
    • Failure to make payment under these Terms
    • Any breach by Customer of these Terms
    NTTS will provide Customer with notice of any suspension in the appropriate circumstances. Where suspension is due to Customer, re-activation charges may apply.
  16. EQUIPMENT WARRANTY. or Equipment, NTTS will (where applicable) use reasonable endeavors to pass to Customer the benefit of any warranties given to NTTS by the supplier. This provision sets out the entire liability of NTTS to Customer in respect of the Equipment. Notwithstanding, NTTS may, on a goodwill basis, offer additional assistance as NTTS deems appropriate on a case-by-case basis.
  17. CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT. NTTS shall not be liable for any defects, warranties, functionality or any other issue arising from any equipment connected to the Service by Customer other than the Equipment or any issues in relation to the Service due to Customer’s use of such equipment.
  18. EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT. NTTS reserves the right to replace the Equipment at any time.
  19. TERMINATION. Services shall be subject to a minimum term as set out in the applicable order form. Any termination by Customer of Service prior to the end of the minimum term shall attract Early Termination Fees as listed in the BB Internet Access Prices list. Notwithstanding, any termination must be notified to NTTS in writing at least 15 business days in advance. In general circumstances, Service will be deemed automatically renewed on a monthly basis at the price listed in the BB Internet Access Prices list, if no written termination notice of 15 business days is received prior to contract expiry date or if the end user does not re-contract. Upon termination, Customers shall return all Equipment to NTTS within 7 calendar days from termination date and cost of returning such equipment to NTTS shall be borne by customers. All returns are subject to Clause 9 of these Terms.
  20. TECH SUPPORT. If Customer encounters any fault with the Service, Customer may contact NTTS Helpdesk via email or phone from 9am to 5pm weekdays (except public holidays) as follows: In general, NTTS will endeavor to respond to Customer on non-critical faults within 14 working days. On-site technical support where necessary or requested by Customer will be chargeable based on prices in BB Internet Access Prices list unless support scope falls within NTTS support coverage scope or where it is due to a genuine high-loss scenario.
  21. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Customers acknowledge that NTTS does not warrant or give any guarantee on data transfer speed or any other aspect of the Service. NTTS hereby exclude all warranties, whether express or implied by law, regarding the use of the Service (including without limitation the accessibility, reliability or accuracy of the Service) and the performance and/or condition of the network. Customers are advised to back-up all important files on their computers. NTTS will not be responsible for any corruption, loss or deletion of files.
  22. AMENDMENTS. NTTS reserves the right to amend these Terms (including pricing) at any time and without notice. Use of the Service will constitute acceptance of these Terms and such changes from time to time.
  23. LIABILITY. Service is provided and used at Customer’s own risk. NTTS shall not be liable to Customer howsoever for any issues relating to the Service even if NTTS had been advised on the possibility of any loss.
  24. PROMOTIONS. Promotional rates offered by NTTS are at the sole discretion of NTTS and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  25. GOVERNING LAW. These Terms are governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
  26. COLLECTION ACTIVITY. If Customer has failed to pay when due and payable any amounts owing under the Terms to NTTS, NTTS may pursue any and all legally available remedies against Customer, including the initiation of legal proceedings against Customer. NTTS shall have the right to recover from Customer its expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred in collecting such amounts.
  27. THIRD PARTIES. A person or entity who is not a party to the Agreement shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B) to enforce any terms of the Agreement.
  28. WAIVERS. A single or partial exercise of a right does not preclude a further exercise of that right or of another right by NTTS. Failure by NTTS to exercise a right or delay in exercising that right does not prevent its exercise or operate as a waiver. Rights and remedies of NTTS under these Terms do not exclude any other right or remedy provided by law.
  29. SEVERABILITY. If any term or condition hereof is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any competent court, such term or condition shall be ineffective only to the extent that it is in contravention of applicable Law, without invalidating the remaining terms and conditions hereof.
  30. NOTICES. A notice or other communication given under these Terms, including, but not limited to, a request, demand, consent or approval, to or by a party to this Agreement, may be given:
    • if by Customer; to: (via email)
    • if by NTTS; to: the Customer’s email or such address as stated in the order form submitted by Customer.
 I have read and understood the terms of service set out here and agree to Adhere to them upon submitting an order form for the services to NTTS.



All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST.

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