Residential Services

NTT Singapore's Network Management Policy for Consumer Broadband services

  1. Residential broadband customer’s HTTP and FTP traffic are being diverted into our transparent proxy architecture to enhance end user's web surfing and content download experience as the contents will be served directly to our residential broadband customers locally from our network.


  2. Traffic shaping will not be practiced under normal operational circumstances. However Traffic shaping and prioritization may be exercised in the event where the network is faced with any of the following circumstances;
    1. International peering links are congested due to denial of service attacks.
    2. International peering links are congested due to new launches of virus (e.g. Trojans / Worms).
    3. Infrastructure equipments, servers or applications are being threatened due serious denial of service attacks, software bugs and hardware issues beyond the control of NTT Singapore.
  3. In the event where the above mentioned conditions are met the below mentioned network management policies may be applied.
    1. Traffic prioritization policies will be applied to IPSec/PPTP/L2TP/Valid HTTP/HTTPS/POP/POPs/IMAP/IMAPS/SSH traffic.
  4. NTT Singapore is part of the NTT Communications group which is a global tier-1 IP transit provider and hence NTT Singapore’s ISP services are connected back to our global IP backbone to ensure an exceptional end user experience.