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Residential Services



BB Access Plans

What is NTT i-net BB 30?

NTT i-net BB 30 offers you download speeds of up to 30Mbps (30,000Kbps). It is ideal for applications such as web browsing, Instant Messaging (IM) and e-mail customers who also run multiple applications on one personal computer such as concurrent sessions for online chat, web access and downloads will find this service ideal and value for money.

What is NTT i-net BB Super?

NTT i-net Super offers you up to 100Mbps (100,000Kbps)+ download speed, the highest download speed available for residential broadband access in Singapore. It is ideal for a network of multiple users who indulge in intensive applications such as heavy downloading, audio and video streaming, accessing multi-media graphics rich sites and home office.

How are the various NTT i-net access plans different?

Combined download SpeedUpload SpeedNTT i-net Super up to 100Mbps (100,000Kbps) + up to 10Mbps (10,000Kbps)+NTT i-net BB 30 up to 30Mbps (30,000Kbps) + up to 2Mbps (2,000Kbps)

  Combined Download Speed Upload Speed
NTT i-net Super
Up to 100Mbps (100,000Kbps)+ Up to 10Mbps (10,000Kbps)+
NTT i-net BB 30 Up to 30Mbps (30,000Kbps) Up to 2Mbps (2,000Kbps)

* +With 100Mbps-ready cable modem (DOCSIS 3.0)

Can I get the maximum download speed ALL the time with NTT i-net BB Plans?

The maximum download speed will be of the respective plans you have signed up, that is, you will get up to 100Mbps (100,000Kbps)+ for BB Super. However, the actual bandwidth speeds may vary and is dependent on various factors:

  • the compatibility of your cable modems, wireless router and Network Interface Cards to fully utilise the allocated bandwidth
  • the number of computers connected to the same cable modem and broadband router
  • the number of users connected in the household accessing the Internet at the same time
  • the websites and servers you are accessing
  • the type of applications that are being used
  • the performance of your computers and Operating Systems
  • the network routes to the websites and servers you are accessing
  • the network conjestion
  • the packet loss
  • the distance of destination or routes
Is there a limit to the number of connections I can have for NTT i-net BB Service?

There are no limits. NTT i-net BB is able to provide optimal connectivity for several PC computers connected to a single cable modem and broadband router. However we recommend BB Super plan if multiple users wish to engage in large file downloads or video sharing.

New Subscribers

Do I need to get fixed phone line if I want to subscribe to NTT i-net BB Service?

No, you do not have to. Fixed phone line is not necessary.

Is there a contract with NTT Singapore when end user signs up for NTT i-net BB?

All i-net BB services will have a 1 year contract term. The contract term starts from the date of billing start date. Only applications under individual names are accepted. Applications under company name are not allowed.

Do I need to purchase a cable modem if I want to subscribe to NTT i-net BB Service?

No, you do not have to. NTTS will provide a cable modem and wireless router as part of the plan. There is no additional one time or monthly fee for the modem or wireless router.

Can I subscribe NTT i-net BB Service for my office?

No. NTT i-net BB Service is available for only cable ready residential addresses.

Do I need to install a cable point to subscribe to NTT i-net BB?

Regardless of the type of house you live in (i.e. HDB, private high rise or landed property) or its location, a connection from StarHub's network to your home is necessary. You will also need a Starhub active cable point in your home if wish to enjoy NTT i-net BB. If you have a cable point which is not active, signal activation charges may apply to activate the cable point so that you can enjoy NTT i-net BB Service. Signal activation fee is included in One Time Setup Fee for first-time and will be chargeable from the second time onwards.
If you already have a cable point which is being used for your cable TV set top box, it will be necessary to install a splitter on the existing cable point. The technician may perform quality assurance tests before deeming the service operational, and, if necessary, will recommend rewiring of the cable point to meet proper specifications.

How can I find out if my house is cable ready and that I can use NTT i-net BB service?

Inet BB Service is available where a Starhub cable point is available and is activated. Almost all HDB flats and private condominiums are cable ready. Some landed properties are cable ready but not all. The service is available in residential premises only and not available in commercial premises.
In order to check if service is available in your building, customers are advised to do the following checks:

  • Please visit
  • Input the six digit postal code of the building you wish to check and press "Submit".
  • If your building offers NTT i-net BB service, then "Available" will be displayed under "MaxOnline / Digital Voice Signal" as shown below.
  • If you are staying in a private condominium, you may also wish to check with your respective building management for cable readiness.
  • If you are staying in a HDB, more than 99% of all homes are cable ready. Check and see if you have a StarHub Cable Vision cable point installed.
  • You can also check if you have a StarHub preview channel, which indicates 743.25Mhz.
  • Subject to service availability in building. If you are not sure, please call our Customer Care at 6871-5400 to check for your unit's cable readiness.
What are the system requirements for NTT i-net BB?

NTT i-net BB supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Windows10 and MacOS 7.6.1 or greater. The table below outlines the system requirements:

  PC/Notebook Users Macintosh Users
Processor Pentium 3 processor or equivalent or Higher Macintosh G3 processor or Higher
Operating System Win 2K / XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows10 MacOS 8.x/9.x/X or higher
Memory/System RAM Minimum 512MB Minimum 512MB
Disk Space 200MB 50MB
Video RAM Minimum 4MB Minimum 4MB
Other Requirements Customer is to provide the PC with at least one Ethernet port or wireless connectivity.
How long does it take to activate the service?

Normally it takes one week after you submit an application. However, it may take longer than one week due to the property, equipments or any other issues.

For other ISP subscribers

I already have a contract with other ISP (e.g. Starhub's Maxonline or SingNet). Can I switch to NTT i-net BB?

The end user, based on his own decision may terminate his contract with other ISPs in order to sign up for i-net BB services. However if at the point of termination the end user still has a valid contract with the other ISP, then it is likely that the end user incurs early termination fees with the other ISP.
NTTS can merely advise the end user about this process and cannot terminate the other ISP's services on behalf of the customer.

If user wants to use NTT i-net BB, do they need to terminate MaxOnline first?

We recommend that you terminate other ISP services so that we can provide accurate support in case needed. However it is possible that you subscribe to both BB and other provider services using the same cable point. However a separate cable modem will be required for each provider's service.

I already have a cable modem. Can I use the existing modem for NTT i-net BB service?

No. Due to technical reasons, we recommend end users to use only the cable modems provided by NTT Singapore.

Can I use my Hubstation for NTT i-net BB service?

Hubstations cannot be used for i-net BB service.

Can I subscribe to Starhub's MaxOnline and NTT i-net BB service at the same time using the same cable point?

Technically, end users can subscribe to both service at the same time using the same cable point. However two separate cable modems will be required. Hence a cable splitter may need to be attached. Attaching a splitter may lead to signal deterioration and degradation in the quality of service and bandwidth. We would not recommend this.

Will my Cable TV services with Starhub be affected?

Technically Starhub's cable TV services will not be affected when user terminates their existing MaxOnline service or subscribe to i-net BB. Hence users will be able to continue viewing cable TV while obtaining Internet services through i-net BB. However, commercially, the end user may be on "hub club" packages with Starhub and terminating the MaxOnline service may affect Starhub's charges for cable TV service. End user can verify this with Starhub.

Can I use my existing Starhub Digital Voice Home service along with NTT i-net BB service?

No. i-net BB does not support end user to use Starhub's Digital voice home service. Firstly the cable modems used with i-net BB are not voice enabled and secondly it is not commercially and technically possible to support such a service.

I am currently a Digital Voice customer using StarHub's Voice-enabled Cable Modem. If I sign up for a NTT i-net BB access plan, can I continue to use Digital Voice using Starhub's Voice-enabled cable modem?

NTT i-net does not support Starhub's Digital Voice Home service on NTTS' cable modems. However it may be possible for you to retain your existing Starhub Voice enabled cable modem and use it for Starhub's Digital Voice service. Please contact Starhub regarding this. In such a case, you may need to use the voice enable cable modem provided by Starhub for Starhub's digital voice service and a another cable modem provided by NTTS for i-Net BB service.

Upgrade/Downgrade/Terminating Access Plans

I am currently a NTT i-net BB 30 customer. Can I upgrade to NTT i-net BB Super? How do I go about doing so?

Yes, you can upgrade to NTT i-net BB Super by contacting our sales team at Please check price on BB Internet Access Prices for the plan change.

Is there any penalty for terminating the NTT i-net BB contract with NTT Singapore before the contract term is completed?

NTT i-net BB contract period is 1 year. Early termination fee applies if customer terminates NTT i-net BB before 1 year of service start.

Please check the price to be charged for the termination on BB Internet Access Prices.

Equipment and Warranty

Do the cable modem and wireless router belong to me or NTT Singapore?

If you have received the cable modem and wireless router from NTTS, they are loaned to you as part of the service contract. This equipment remain the property of NTT Singapore at all times and need to be returned to NTTS' office at the customer's own transportation expense.

Do I have to return the cable modem to NTT Singapore upon service termination?

Yes. Upon the termination of service the customer has to return the cable modem and wireless router to NTTS. Customer need to arrange delivery of the equipment to NTTS office. We recommend that you use the postal service to courier the equipment back to NTTS upon termination of the service.

I have lost or damaged the equipment. What is the recourse?

The customer has to bear the cost of replacing the equipment as well as bear service charges for installation if onsite installation services are required. Cable modem and wireless router are rental equipment. If you lost those equipments, customer has to bear the cost. The charges are as follows;

Item Charges
Cable Modem SB5101 $74.90
SB6120 $139.10
SB6180 $139.10
Dlink DCM-712 $139.10
Wireless Router ASUS RT-AC56S $149.80
Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N $128.40
ASUS RT-AC1200G+ $149.80

*Prices include GST.

How long is the warranty period of the cable modems and wireless router provided by NTT Singapore?

The cable modems and wireless routers are under warranty throughout the subscription period. NTT Singapore will provide suitable repair or replacement at its discretion in the event of failure of these equipment.

If I experience problems with my cable modem during my warranty period, do I have to pay for a service call if I request for one?

Yes, a service call charge of $107 is applicable if the problem is isolated to the cable modem or wireless router. If the cause of the problem is network-related, this charge will be waived. The following table is a guideline as to when the service fee is applied or waived;

Diagnosis Service Call Fee
Modem or Wireless router was found to be faulty Waived ($0)
Modem or Wireless router was to be working properly
but customer had altered the wiring
Applicable ($107)
Customer's PC was found to be faulty Applicable ($107)

* Prices include GST
# All decisions on the applicability of the service made by NTTS will be final.

Billing and Payment

When am I billed?

End users will receive their invoices around the 9th to 12th of each month. The bill is for the current month. As an example, if the user receives the bill on the 9th of May, the bill is for the usage in May. NTT Singapore bills in advance for the month. Please also note that we consider the plan you are subscribing to as of the first day of the month. Hence if you have transferred from one plan to another within the month, the new plan will be considered for billing in the following month.

What methods can I use to make payments?

Presently users can pay their monthly bills through the following methods;

  • GIRO
  • Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD)
  • At Singapore Post(Post Office).
  • Cheque

Note: Debit card is not accepted.


Why my internet speed is unstable or slow sometime?

Internet network is connected with various internet service providers (ISP) in the world. When user accesses to a website or a server on internet, it goes through many ISP network connected each other. Its network condition and traffic affect the internet access speed/throughput. Internet access speed/throughput depends on many other factors including other user's usage, network congestion, environment/capcity of server/client, route, packet loss, destination to the website/server user is acessing and so on.

What is best-effort type internet access?

Internet speed depends on various factors. Best-effort type internet access does not provide any guarantees in speed, throughput and quality of service and it offers up to xxMbps at the best condition. There is no assurance in any particular speed or throughput towards any site domestics/overseas or for a particular type of application.

Can I browse internet TV smooth if I use NTT i-net BB?

Quality and speed to browse internet TV depeds on varisou factors. NTT i-net BB does not have any guarantee on browsing TV through internet access.

For more inquiries, pleae click here to contact us.

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