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April 30, 2007

NTT Singapore to Launch Global Tier 1 IP Network Service in Singapore

NTT Singapore Pte. Ltd. (NTT Singapore, RHQ: Singapore) will launch its Global IP Network Service in Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) through the Point of Presence (PoP) expansion of one of the world's top-ranked Tier 1 IP backbones, NTT Communications (NTT Com) Global IP Network (GIN), on 2nd May, 2007.

The Tier 1 GIN currently boasts one of the industry's largest dedicated Internet bandwidths with 109Gbps between Japan and U.S. and 52Gbps between Asia and Oceania and 29Gbps between US and Europe to provide customers with fast and smooth global Internet connections with minimal delays. The setting up of the GIN Service in Singapore also means that NTT Singapore will be able to provide IPv6 Service and IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service for MNCs here in Singapore. NTT Com Group's IPv6 customers are fully supported by NTT Com's highly experienced IPv6 engineers, which have been on the forefront of IPv6 development and implementation worldwide.

With a global single AS2914, there will be less hop routing which will provide a more stable network operation compared to other IP network providers, which utilize different AS numbers based on the region. This means customers can enjoy faster access to other major service providers in other countries in Asia, US and Europe. NTT Com's AS2914 network is fully redundant, highly reliabile and comes complete with excellent network management. All these have been proven during the Taiwan Earthquake in Dec 2006.

"There is a steep growth in the Internet traffic which has resulted in a leap of total Internet bandwidth required across the Pacific. The demands for the Tier 1 IP network are increasing especially in APAC region. Singapore serves as a very important hub for the APAC region. With the launch of the GIN Service in Singapore, NTT Singapore will be able to bring further benefits to our valued customers by enabling them to faster access to the Internet via our highly reliable IP Network." said Tetsuro Mikami, President and CEO of NTT Singapore and APAC Regional Chief Executive Officer of NTT Com Group.

As an ICT Solution Partner, NTT Singapore will leverage on its flexible and integrated ICT platform to take advantage of its existing capabilities which include Arcstar Global Network Services, Data Center services, Hosting services, System Integration and Voice services to serve its customers.

An ISP group possessing a world-scale broadband IP backbone, capable of controlling its own network and does not depend on an "upper" provider to maintain its quality.

* IPv6/IPv4 Dual Service
The service provides both IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity using only one access circuit. IPv6 offers almost unlimited amount of IP network addresses, and also improves existing security level of IPv4 in Internet data transmission.

*AS (Autonomous System)
An IP Network operated and managed in accordance with a predefined routing policy. The Internet is composed of many Autonomous Systems.


About NTT Singapore Pte. Ltd.

NTT Singapore (CEO: Tetsuro Mikami) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, operating in Singapore as a Regional Headquarter (RHQ). NTT Singapore offers a full range of ICT related solutions - MPLS based IP-VPN, VoIP, ISP, Data Center services (Colocation, Hosting, Advanced Managed Services) and System Integration service with full maintenance support to achieve the vision of a true Global Total ICT Solution provider. With the advance technology and rich know-how of NTT Group, NTT Singapore is set to take on the role of the Asian Pacific hub, using its strategic geographical position to promote itself as a One-Stop-Shop to facilitate our extensive service provisioning in the APAC region. For more information, please visit

About NTT Com

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) provides information and communications technology (ICT) solutions worldwide with dedicated professionals stationed in 21 countries. Renowned as an IPv6 technology pioneer and managed service expert, NTT Com offers diverse high-quality IP, Web-based, and managed network solutions combining network management, security, ubiquitous, Web portals/engines, and global services. Its world-class Tier 1 Internet backbone and secure closed networks with over 98,000 MPLS ports, combined with the networks of partner companies around the world, connect more than 200 countries. The company earned non-consolidated revenues exceeding one trillion yen (about US$1.2 billion) in fiscal 2005 ended March 31, 2006. NTT Com started as a long-distance phone company in 1999 after the reorganization of the NTT Group, and is the wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. NTT is listed on the Japan, London and New York stock exchanges. For more information, please visit

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