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BB Internet Access Application Form

We are reviewing the service and stop a new order temporary. Apologize for the inconvenience.



Please fill up all the sections required (*). Normally internet access line activation takes one week after you submit an application.

 New Subscription
 Plan / Service Change


1. Customer Information

A. For existing subscriber only Customer ID (Or Bill Account No.)



First Name of Applicant *


Last Name of Applicant *


NRIC / Employment Pass No *


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)



Telephone No *


Mobile No


Telephone No in Day Time *


Fax No


Email Address


Residential Address *


Postal Code (Singapore) *


Billing Address (If different) *


Postal Code (Singapore)


Company Name


2. NTT i-net BB Service Plans

Plan *

 BB 30
 BB Super


Plan* Download Speed Monthly Fee One Time Set up Fee Equipment Email Account
BB 30 Up to 30 Mbps $85.49 $107.00 Modem and wireless Router provided to rent with FREE 1 Email Account (20MB)
BB Super Up to 100 Mbps $128.29 $160.50

3. Internet Setup Service

Onsite Setup Service is FREE for 1 PC per subscription. It is available from 10:00am~17:30pm on weekdays (except Singapore public holiday). NTT Singapore will contact you to schedule.

Type of PC *



4. Payment Method

Payment Method

 Same as before (existing customers only)
 Cheque / NETS / Cash
 Credit Card


NTT Singapore will contact you directly if Credit Card option is selected.

5. Promotion

[Risk Free Internet Trial] Pay nothing for up to 1 month. Please click here and agree to the Terms and Conditions . If the subscriber wishes to terminate the service during the promotion period, termination form needs to be submitted within same month as the date of subscription. If termination form is not submitted within the same month as the date of subscription, contract starts from the 1st day of the following month.

 I agree to the Terms and Conditions and receive the promotional feature.


6. Others



If you have exisiting internet access, please provide the provider name.




Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers must be 18 years of age or above, or if a minor must have parental consent.

  2. The available services are:

    • NTT i-net BB 30 (“BB 30”) that provides up to 30Mbps (30,000Kbps) of download speed and upload speed of up to 2Mbps (2,000Kbps). This service is recommended for Internet sharing up to two PCs.

    • NTT i-net BB Super (“BB Super”) that provides up to 100Mbps (100,000Kbps) of download speed and upload speed of up to 10Mbps (10,000Kbps) and this service is recommended for Internet sharing in a local network environment with more than two PCs.; and

    • such other NTT i-net BB access plans that may be offered by NTTS from time to time subject to the terms stipulated by NTTS.

    (Collectively, “NTT i-net BB Services”).
  3. All NTT i-net BB Services are available for access at cable-ready residential properties only. There will be no refunds of subscriptions in the event the customers’ property is not cable-ready.

  4. Landed homeowners with active cable points under the subscription plan may sign up for BB 30 or BB Super separately so long as the minimum subscription commitment is met.

  5. Subject to NTTS’ prevailing upgrade policy (available at BB Access Frequently Asked Questions), customers who are currently on a lower tier plan are permitted to upgrade to a higher tier plan. Customers will be charged based on the new plan from the subsequent billing cycle onwards. Request for upgrade from BB 30 to BB Super is however, subject to an additional one time charge of $32.10.

  6. Separate cable signal activation charge is applicable if the cable point signal has not been activated:

    • For HDB - $50 ($53.50 w/GST)

    • For Condominium - $60 ($64.20 w/GST).
      On termination of NTT i-net BB Services, customers shall immediately return the cable modem and wireless router to NTTS’ office and/or assigned premises. Cost of returning such equipment to NTTS’ office and/or assigned premises shall be solely borne by customers.

  7. An early termination charge is applicable upon customers’ request for termination of the services during the applicable minimum period of service. Minimum period of service shall be twelve (12) months. Please refer to BB Internet Access Prices for the complete list of service related charges.

  8. Installation service is chargeable at $107 for BB 30 and $160.50 for BB Super and is limited to the installation of a cable modem and a wireless router only. As part of the subscription plan, a cable modem and a wireless router will be provided on a rental basis by NTTS with no cost to the customers. On termination of NTT i-net BB Services, customers shall immediately return the cable modem and wireless router to NTTS’ office. Cost of returning such equipment to NTTS’ office shall be solely borne by customers. If rental equipment are lost or damaged, customers shall pay the cost.

  9. Unless otherwise agreed by NTTS, the NTT i-net BB Services will be provided at the address assigned at the applicable Service Order (“Service Address”) and shall be accessed and used for residential purpose only. Any use of the NTT i-net BB Services for commercial or business purpose or any other non-residential use, whether by customers or any other persons at the Service Address is a breach of these terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed by NTTS. Customers may access NTT i-net BB Services using one or more personal computers in a network environment. NTTS will, in its discretion, determine whether any arrangement, configuration or usage of NTT i-net BB Services constitutes use within a network environment.

  10. NTTS’ special promotional rate(s) for cable modems (where applicable) are limited to one cable modem per NTT i-net BB access plan only.

  11. All cable modems and hardware connected to the cable modems, which are obtained or purchased by customers to access NTT i-net BB Services must be certified or type-approved by NTTS and the relevant regulatory authority.

  12. Type-approved cable modems must be purchased from NTTS for all NTT i-net BB Services. Each cable modem will be assigned a unique MAC ID.

  13. NTTS will not be responsible for any defects in the cable modems due to any hardware which customers may have connected to the cable modem on their own. Any hardware purchased is covered under and subject to the terms of warranty from the relevant manufacturer.

  14. NTTS will not be held responsible for any interruption, disruption to or deterioration in the quality, reliability or accuracy of the NTT i-net BB Services or any technical issue which may arise from or in relation to any cable modem or hardware that, customers may have connected to the cable modem.

  15. Please consult the equipment manufacturer to maximise the use of the NTT i-net BB Services, which will be provided to you based on our applicable terms and conditions.

  16. Customers are advised to back-up all important files on their computers. NTTS will not be responsible for any corruption, loss or deletion of files.

  17. a) Customers acknowledges and accepts that as with any network, actual downstream speed when using the NTT i-net BB Services are affected by many factors including without limitation :-

    • overall network traffic condition over the Internet;

    • performance and configuration of customers computer or equipment connected to the network;

    • type of data accessed, whether non-cached or cached data;

    • location and configuration of the accessed server; and

    • data network, users access and users' compliance with NTTS conditions.

    b) Customers further acknowledge that NTTS does not warrant or give any guarantee on data transfer speed or any other aspect of the NTT i-net BB Services. NTTS hereby exclude all warranties, whether express or implied by law, regarding the use of the NTT i-net BB Services (including without limitation the accessibility, reliability or accuracy of the NTT i-net BB Services) and the performance and/or condition of the network.

  18. This application form is submitted in accordance with and shall be governed by NTTS Terms & Conditions for NTT i-net BB Services which shall be hereby expressly incorporated by reference to this application form.

  19. NTTS reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions (including pricing) at any time and without notice. Use of NTT i-net BB services will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and the amendments thereof.

  20. All prices quoted are inclusive of 7% GST unless otherwise stated.

 hereby agree to the service Terms and Conditions.



All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST.

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