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Internet Services

Internet Access Plans

NTT Singapore (NTTS) is Japanese Internet Service Provider (ISP) having ISP business licence in Singapore. NTTS provide Internet Service called NTT iNet for Japanese and Singapore companies.

Using fast and smooth network with NTT Com's Global IP backbone (global Tier-1), NTT i-net provided by NTT Singapore offer various Internet Access plans so that you can choose one that best suits your business.


Need simple and affordable Internet access. Good for small office.

Asymmetric access with rental router/modem managed by NTTS.

With global IP addresses - Encrypted communication between countries using

Internet VPN and/or static global IP addresses for own internal servers like

email server and/or web server.

Bandwidth: 512Kbps/256K bps to 10Mbps/768Kbps.


Connecting to domestice MPLS-VPN (Megapop). Internet Access using Ethernet technology with affordable price. Cost effective dedicated internet access.

Symmetric Access with rental cisco router managed by NTTS.

Global IP addresses are provided.

Bandwidth: 1Mbps to 100Mbps.

Point to Point ELL

Premium dedicated point-to-point leased circuit between customer office and NTT iNet point using Ethernet technology. highly reliable connectivity 24 hours round the clock.

Symmetric access with rental cisco router managed by NTTS.

Global IP addresses are provided.

Bandwidth: 2Mbps to 100Mbps


Require fibre network access by Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. provide both of Best Effort type and Point-to-Point type.

Symmetric with a rental cisco router managed by NTTS.

Global IP addresses provided.

Bandwidth: 1Mbps to 100Mbps

DC Connectivity

Dedicated Internet Connectivity at NTTS Data Center. Suitable for colocation and hosting.

Good for international and domestic access.

Good latency between Singapore and Japan/US/Hong Kong and major asian countries.

Global IP addresses provided.

Bandwidth: 1Mbps to 100Mbps

NTT iNet Features and Benefits

Fast and Smooth Internet Access
Backbone capacity is key point to transfer/receive data between overseas countries. NTT iNet provide fast and smooth internet access using Tier-1 global IP network owned by NTTCom as primary. NTT iNet provides enough capacity between Singapore and Japan and also connect to other asian countries seamlessly.

NTT iNet uses multiple routes and multiple cable systems between regions and key countries. Many of cable systems used have ring-structure for auto traffic re-routing in case of cable damage.

NTT iNet provide 24/7 customer support help desk. We proactively-monitors Customer's circuits in 24 x 7 and inform trouble to customer by email/call immediately. NTT Singapore is responsible from local access line and managed router (CPE).

Rental Managed Router with Free
NTT iNet provides managed router (CPE) as a package. Its router is exchanged to another router if it is broken. Also, our engineer accesses its router remotely and investigate in trouble time.

One Stop Service
NTT iNet provides bundled one-stop service including access line to customer premise. It helpds to redue customer's workload for network installation and maintenance.

Japanese Internet Service Provider (ISP)

NTT Singapore is the only Japanese Internet service provider (ISP) having ISP business license in Singapore.

Area of Service

All area in Singapore

(Basically it covers all area in Singapore but it depents on area. Please contact us for details.)

NTT iNet Service Examples

1.5Mbps Private IP Plan + Anti-Spam + Virus Scan

5 Emails x SGD X
5 Emails x SGD Y
5 A/C x SGD Z
SGD (A + 5X)
SGD (B + 5Y + 5Z)

NGN ELL (Private IP) + Virus-Scan + Anti-spam + Firewall

Service Initial Monthly
Anti-virus 10 Emails x SGD X 10 Emails x SGD Y
Anti-spam SGD 0 10 A/C x SGD Z
Firewall SGD V SGD W
Total SGD (C + 10X + V) SGD (D + 10Y + 10Z + W)

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