Unified Communications

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A communications infrastructure which consolidates voice, e-mail, data and video communications can help to facilitate seamless utilization and support smooth and rapid decision making on a worldwide scale.

Global Voice/Video/Data Integration

Features & Benefits

  • On-net calls using Arcstar Global IP-VPN
  • Off-net calls in which voice calls can be routed outside the Arcstar Global IP-VPN
  • Comprehensive Global Management from consulting to construction and operations
  • Support for step by step voice and data network integration
  • File sharing for video conferencing, telephone conferencing, and meetings
  • High quality data transmission with QoS functions

Service Details

  • Communication, operation and management costs can be significantly reduced by integrating voice networks and data networks using Arcstar Global IP-VPN.
  • Improve business productivity through quality face-to-face meetings with overseas office without the need to travel.
  • Plug and Play allows for quick responses to be made to additional offices.
  • We can help you to consolidate international voice and data networks regardless of differences in communication protocols.
  • We provide one stop global management to integrate your infrastructure in local and overseas sites into a unified voice communications environment.

Bundled Offers of Global Services

Bundled Offers of Global Services

Provides services such as VPN, Data Center and Hosting all at one-stop.

Our Global Strengths

Our Global Strengths

NTT Communications is a leading telecommunication service provider.

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