Our Global Strengths

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Strength of NTT Singapore

NTT Singapore Pte. Ltd. (NTTS) offers diverse high-quality connectivity, data center solutions, security services, IT management services, voice and conferencing solutions and solution integration services to its enterprise customers.

NTT Singapore is neutral in our vendor selection. Our aim to help you to maximize your IT dollars with high value returns.

We provide a one-stop management for all your local or global IT needs. You need not manage multiple vendors can be very problematic when it comes to implementation and accountability issues.

With dedicated professionals and offices in major locations around the world, we are committed to support your business requirements. Our teams collaborate across regions and time zones to ensure quality and reliability in our solutions, and an integrated approach to customer support.

Strengths of NTT Communications

  • Industry Leading Quality
  • Fast Recovery from Outages
  • Extensive Range of Services

NTT Communications' effort delivers the service with an outstanding availability of 99.99%

Strengths of NTT Communications
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