Hosting and Managed Services

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Our full suite of hosting services provide customers an optimized IT environment to base their service infrastructure.

Hosting Platform Services

Enterprise Cloud

The Enterprise Cloud provides global cloud resources that enterprise customers can easily control and manage to optimize its ICT costs and support the global expansion of corporate operations.

Global Virtualization Services (GVS)

GVS offer a robust private virtual solution that gives customers a highly efficient and flexible IT foundation for their service infrastructure. The solution is integrated and managed by NTT Communications' expert engineers who are available round the clock to deal with any customer requests or service issues.

IT Platform Dedicated Server Hosting

By connecting a personalized USB key to an Internet-connected Windows® PC, users can remotely access their office environment to check e-mail, access files and run applications.

Hosted Firewall Service

We can help to manage your firewall to prevent intrusion into your networks and systems

Data Backup and Storage Service

We provide backup and storage service to your critical data

Managed Services


An online portal which enables customers to monitor all their network and system equipment.  

OS Management

When day-to-day management of operating systems puts a strain on the IT resources, our OS Management service can let customers offload these tasks to our skilled technical and engineering specialists. It's a complete solution that provides proactive administration, management, monitoring, reporting and support for the following Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Windows Cluster & Red Hat Cluster.


TeamWorks is a common groupware service that uses a shared hosting server to provide messaging, file sharing, calendaring and other features.


Bundled Offers of Global Services

Bundled Offers of Global Services

Provides services such as VPN, Data Center and Hosting all at one-stop.

Global Case Study

NTT Communications has given satisfaction to our Worldwide Customers.